In the US, about 63 million tons of food are wasted each year, with 40% coming from consumer-facing business, including restaurants and hotels. In 2017, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the American Hotel and Lodging Association partnered to identify best practices and strategies for reducing food waste at 10 pilot projects. Based on the results, they launched HOTEL|KITCHEN, a free toolkit, training materials, and resources you can find at In 2018, WWF chose Baltimore, Maryland as one of two US cities with dedicated HOTEL|KITCHEN expansion activities. Astrapto, along with Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC, are managing the Baltimore project.

On  Monday, April 15, Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton, ISHC, ISSP-SA, Founder, Astrapo and Joan D. Plisko, PhD, President, Plisko Sustainable Solutions shared the details and lessons learned from this innovative project.

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