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Legislative Update: Chaz Miller Testifies on 2 Bills in Annapolis

Published on 2/15/2024
Legislative chair Chaz Miller has been busy in Annapolis testifying on two separate days on the following bills: Maryland Paint Stewardship and Plastic Products – Postconsumer Recycled Content. Here’s a quick recap of the testimonies:

Maryland Paint Stewardship SB325 and HB1: Miller testified in support of Paint Stewardship at the Senate Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee hearing (view testimony here) on February 6 and at the House Environment and Transportation Committee hearing (view testimony here) on February 7.

Miller emphasized that MRN has supported this bill for the last several years and as this year’s version is identical to 2023, which passed both houses but did not make it through the final rush, urged the speedy adoption of the bill as an environmental win for Maryland. Read statement of support for HB1 and SB325.

Plastic Products - Postconsumer Recycled Content Program HB168: During the February 7th House Environment and Transportation Committee hearing (view testimony here), Miller also testified in support of the bill citing that although we support it, we do offer several suggested changes including altering the recycling content goal deadlines, reconsideration of the requirements for household cleaning and personal care products, and expansion of the waiver provision (9-2608) to include conditions found in New Jersey’s law. Read statement here.

The Committee continues to work with legislators on several additional bills including mattress recycling and a new bottle bill. MRN President, Kitty McIlroy will be testifying before the House and Senate environment committees next week in support of HB830 and SB686 - Covered Electronic Devices Recycling Program.

Visit our Legislative & Regulatory for updates and MRN positions on relevant legislation.

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