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2024 MRN/SWANA Mid-Atlantic Annual Conference Recap


MRN TurboHaul Mattress 12/15/23 Recycling Tour

Published on 12/21/2023

TurboHaul Tour 1Kevin Daly and TurboHaul recently hosted a tour of their mattress recycling facility for MRN members. Daly offered lots of eye-opening insights into the great complexity of and need for their program. He estimated that over 370,000 mattresses are “retired” (another “R”) in Maryland annually! Of these, TurboHaul currently recycles over 45,000 mattresses and box springs per year suggesting there’s lots of room for growth.

According to Mike O'Donnell, COO, Mattress Recycling Council, "A recent analysis of our California program's environmental footprint from collection to recycling shows that each mattress recycled saves 500 gallons of water, conserves enough energy to power a house for three days, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving 60 fewer miles."

In addition to dismantling and recycling the wide array of materials in each mattress, TurboHaul also rebuilds or restores components that can be reused in mattresses.

TurboHaul Tour 2
TurboHaul Tour 4
TurboHaul Tour 3

View Kevin Daly's slide presentation and learn more about their matttress recycling program.

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