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U.S. Senate Testimony, Recycled Glass Webinar Recap, and more

Published on 7/27/2023

Inside the News

MRN President Kitty McIlroy testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on July 26. The hearing addressed “Improving Capacity for Critical Mineral Recovery through Electronic Waste Recycling and Reuse.” During her testimony, McIlroy provided MRN’s recommendation on improving electronics recovery at the national level as well as context on what the public sector has been facing over the past 10 years with electronic recycling. Read more here.

Recycled Glass: Trash or Treasure – Webinar recap
. Being both expensive to ship and of relatively low value compared to, for example, aluminum, glass has been a difficult material for recycling programs to manage. On July 25, Susan Davidson of Fairfax County’s Solid Waste Management Program, and Patrick Grasso of Urban Mining Industries, shared what their respective organizations are doing to make glass recycling sustainable and cost-effective. Listen to webinar here.

The Foodservice Packaging Institute released a study on levels of food residue in residential recycling streams. The study compared food residue in foodservice packaging vs. food contact packaging items. Download the summary today.

Two job opportunities from The Johns Hopkins Office of Sustainability (click on job title for more information). *Accepting applications through August 10!

•    Full-time permanent Sustainability Data Analyst to advance the university’s sustainability monitoring, metrics, analysis, and reporting.
•    Full-time contractual Sustainability Fellow to help launch and pilot a new Campus as Living Lab program, including administering a new grant program.

Welcome New Member:

•    Jessica Moore, Prince George's County Department of the Environment

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