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MRN Provides Testimony on 4 Bills

Published on 3/3/2023

During a long session on February 22, Legislative Task Force chair Chaz Miller testified in front of the House Environment and Transportation Committee on four bills. While we support all four, we do offer a number of amendments to HB 342 (Recycled Content) and HB 284 (EPR). Here’s a quick update on the testimonies along with links to our stances on each bill. You can also watch a recording of the full testimonies below.

HB0342 Plastic Products - Postconsumer Recycled Content Program: While MRN supports the bill in concept, Miller cited several areas of concern including whether some of the goals are achievable given the fluctuation in the plastics market and offered changes for consideration. Read full statement.

HB0031 Products and Packaging – Labeling, Marketing, and Advertising for Recycling: Miller cited MRN’s strong support with legislation with one recommendation: Offering a more precise definition of “Material Recovery Facility.” Read full statement.

HB0284 Reducing Packaging Materials – Producer Responsibility (see testimony on cross-filed bill SB0222 here): As in his testimony in the Senate, Miller cited MRN’s support for EPR legislation, however, he also identified several concerns with the bill as written and offered changes for consideration. Read full statement.

HB0109 Task Force on Recycling Policy and Recycling and Waste Systems in Maryland: MRN enthusiastically supports this bill noting that the 1988 Maryland Recycling Act is long overdue for an update that will represent the best of environmental objectives and improve how Maryland’s local governments manage recycling and waste. Read full statement.

You can view full descriptions of the bills and the text of MRN’s responses on our Legislative & Regulatory page.

Note: Testimonies begin around 2:03.
  • HB0342 starts at 2:03 (Chaz Miller @ 2:21)
  • HB0031 starts at 2:32 (Chaz Miller @ 2:41)
  • HB0284 starts at 3:09 (Chaz Miller @3:32)
  • HB0109 starts at 4:40 (Chaz Miller @ 4:43)

We have also submitted written testimony on the following four bills:

Click here for descriptions and statements of each bill where applicable.

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