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2024 MRN/SWANA Mid-Atlantic Annual Conference Recap


MRN Testifies and Quick Conference Topics Poll – Please Respond

Published on 2/10/2023

Legislative Update: MRN Legislative Task Force chair, Chaz Miller testified February 9 before the Senate Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee re MRN’s response to Senate Bill 222 Reducing Packaging Materials - Producer Responsibility and Senate Bill 260 Maryland Paint Stewardship.

While MRN fully endorses the paint stewardship bill, we support but offered a number of amendments to SB222, the EPR for packaging bill. Full descriptions of the bills and the text of MRN’s responses can be viewed on our Legislative & Regulatory page. Listen to Miller's testimony below.

Note: SB260 testimony begins at 1:38 (Chaz Miller @ 1:57); SB222 testimony begins at 2:09 (Chaz Miller @ 3:25)

In other news ...

Conference Topics:
The MRN/SWANA Mid-Atlantic Conference Planning Team has identified a number of possible topics for this year’s program. Please let us know via this survey which you think should be at the top of our list (only one question…it will only take a couple minutes!). Thank you!!


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