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MRN Legislative Action Committee Testifies on 4 Bills

Published on 2/22/2022

 2022 Leg Testimony CMiller
We’re just 6 weeks into the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session and our Legislative committee has been busy. Below is a quick update on our recent testimony:

Wednesday, February 2: Legislative Committee chair Chaz Miller testified in opposition to HB0307 Environment - Packaging Materials - Producer Responsibility (cross filed with SB0292) during the House Environment and Transportation session. While MRN fully supports EPR, Miller cited several concerns over the complexity of the bill as written.

*Miller also testified during the Senate Finance Committee on the Senate version SB0292 during a live hearing on Thursday, February 17.

Please read full statement regarding MRN's opposition.

During the same House session on February 2, Miller testified in support of HB0217 Task Force on Recycling Policy and Recycling and Waste Systems in Maryland. Miller commended the bill which calls for the creation of a task force to review the entire Maryland Recycling Act (enacted in 1998). MRA has been amended a number of times but now needs a full fresh look to make it more cohesive, more dynamic, and more fitting to the needs in Maryland. Read full statement.

Tuesday, February 8: Executive Director Peter Houstle testified in support with amendments of SB0143 – Maryland Paint Stewardship (cross filed HB18) during the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee session. Houstle cited MRN’s support of the bill noting that will substantially increase the recycling of paint, a common consumer product that is not easily recycled. Read full statement.

Friday, February 18: Chaz Miller testified in support with amendments of HB0700 Products and Packaging – Labeling, Marketing, and Advertising for Recycling during the House Environment and Transportation committee hearing (bill hearing starts at 2:30 on recording). Miller cited the misleading use of the recycling arrow symbol that causes well-meaning citizens to recycle materials that are not actually recyclable. Read full statement.

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