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MRN Volunteers Come Through Again

Published on 4/15/2021


National Volunteer Week is next week and we can’t think of a better time to sincerely thank all our volunteers that have kept MRN up and running especially after a difficult year. And what a year it’s been! Despite a global pandemic, our volunteers have stepped up to the plate starting with the 2020/21 Board of Directors who didn’t miss a beat shifting from the monthly in-person board meetings to Zoom calls.

So what else did our volunteers accomplish?

Coming on the heels of a shortened 2020 Maryland Legislative session, the Legislative Action Committee got right to work in January for the 2021 session. The committee reviewed relevant bills, connected with bill sponsors, and testified as needed. In addition, BOD members Richard Keller and Chaz Miller testified on October 20 at the House Environment Committee Workgroup on Waste Reduction and Recycling. Go to Legislative / Regulatory for updates. And be sure to join us on April 21 for a final (virtual) update of the 2021 session. Register here.

Webinars continued in 2020 with a shift in focus to meet the needs of our members. The pandemic has caused many event planning challenges for professional associations, but that didn’t deter the board. With a monthly webinar program already in place, MRN regrouped and held a series of virtual town halls (all free) focusing on the challenges many jurisdictions faced and exploring what the future may hold for recycling programs throughout the state and the country. Also on the calendar were member profiles and an ERP program discussing potential legislation. Go to Education & Events for recaps and recordings of past webinars.

The Annual Conference Committee didn’t let a disappointing 2020 affect planning for 2021. Like many annual conferences in 2020, the MRN/SWANA-MA Conference was canceled due to Covid-19. But as we headed into 2021 with the pandemic still ongoing and the future still a bit unclear, our conference committee wasn’t about to let another year go by without this signature event. With in-person meetings still a question mark in early January, the committee knew they had to act soon so brainstormed to create a unique, two half-days virtual conference scheduled for June 23 & 24. The Conference Committee is a joint effort by MRN and SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter. Go to #Revision2021 for more information on event details, the program and sponsor opportunities.

Kudos to all our volunteers for your hard work and dedication …

Board of Directors Officers:

  • Melissa Filiaggi, President; Conference & Legislative Committees
  • Maria Myers, Vice President; Conference & Legislative Committees
  • Phil Bresee, Secretary; Conference & Legislative Committees
  • Chris Skaggs, Treasurer; Conference & Legislative Committees
  • Bob Stumpff, Chairperson; Conference Committee

Board of Directors Members:

  • Tanya Adams, Director; Conference Committee
  • Michele Blair, Director; Legislative Committee
  • Anthony Drury, Director; Conference Committee
  • Lisa Kardell, Director; Conference & Legislative Committees
  • Jonathan Mann, Director; Conference Committee
  • Chaz Miller, Director; Conference Committee
  • Michelle Minstrell, Director; Conference Committee
  • Bruce Norton, Director; Conference Committee
  • Charlie Reighart, Director; Conference & Legislative Committees
  • Ford Schumann, Director; Conference Committee
  • Alan Wilcom, Director; Conference Committee

Committee Volunteers:

  • Niti Blackwell, Conference Committee
  • Cory Daviau, Conference Committee
  • Wendy Dori, Conference Committee
  • Richard Keller, Legislative Committee
  • Alice Koehler, Conference Committee
  • Christine McCoy, Conference Committee
  • John Neyman, Conference Committee
  • Kristyn Oldendorf, Conference Committee

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