Recycling Rate of the Future

On this webinar, hear Dr. Tim Townsend, the Jones Edmunds Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Florida tackle the question, “How do we move away from focusing solely on tons recovered and measure the wider environmental benefits that come through considering the entire life cycle of the materials we use?”

Carton Opportunities

The Carton Council has assisted numerous communities and schools with adding cartons to recycling programs with the benefit of increasing recycling while teaching the next generation of recyclers.

Alternative Metrics & Goals: Your Thoughts?

Alternative Metrics & Goals: Your Thoughts?

We’re looking for feedback and ideas
regarding recycling metrics and goals for the state of Maryland.
Last year, Maryland’s
Governor, Larry Hogan Executive Order EO
called for a broad re-assessment of the overall goals,
metrics and actions required to minimize waste and maximize resource recovery in
the state along with a greater emphasis on partnerships and voluntary