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Yuck Old Paint: An Environmentally Sound Alternative

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that about 10 percent of the paint purchased in the United States each year—about 65 to 69 million gallons—is discarded, often down drains and in landfills.

Yuck Old PaintJoin us on a free webinar at 11:30am on Thursday, November 30 to hear Chief Yuck OfficerRaea Jean Leinster and Michelle Minstrell, Yuck Old Paint’s Waste Management Consultant to learn about the company's highly successful paint recovery program. Serving multiple municipalities, Yuck Old Paint is the only company on the East Coast offering an effective non-dumping solution for the disposal of old paint.

Learn about a no-cost option you can offer to help your customers safely dispose of those cans of unused paint clogging up basements, garages and sheds and (hopefully not) dripping down drains.

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