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MRN 2017 Conference Recap

Maryland recycling and solid waste management professionals convened on Monday. June 12 at the Turf Valley Conference Center in Ellicott City, MD to learn about and discuss the hottest topics in the industry including changing waste management and recycling models, policy & regulation, commodities markets, new technologies & more. While all shared a common desire to minimize waste to landfill, opinions sometimes differed sharply on how to get there. Spirited discussions arose around the success metrics, regulatory vs. free market solutions, efficacy of social media as a driver of consumer behavior and more.

MRN 2017 Recycling Awards

At the 2017 Annual Conference, MRN also celebrated the accomplishments of four 2017 Recycling Award Winners. Kudos to all!!

Earl Johnson, Jesse Ballard, III and Jerry Diggs accept the Outstanding Small Government Program Award from MRN Board Chair, Bob Stumpff.

Session Recap - The 4th R: "Re-Think"

JD Lindeberg, President of Resource Recycling Systems RRS - (Slide Deck)

Markets Madness: Materials Stats, Trends and Analysis

Rock, paper, scissors…oil, plastic, gas…aluminum, iron, glass… What’s up? What’s down? Where’s it going? How might it affect your operation?

Last Thursday, Jerry Powell, founder and executive editor of Resource Recycling, Inc., shared the latest recycling markets stats, trends and analysis during MRN's Markets Update webinar. Powell noted right away that “for both explainable and non-explainable reasons, recycling market prices are very volatile.  Eight years ago, we experienced record lows, only to be followed five years later with record high values for some recovered materials.”

MRN Hosts MRF Tour for House Environmental Matters Committee

16 members of the Maryland House Environmental Matters and Transportation Committee received a tour of Baltimore County’s Materials Recovery Facility in Cockeysville yesterday afternoon. Baltimore County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz also joined the tour.

MRF Tour