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Reaching the Next Generation Recyclers

StudentsLast Tuesday, 30 or so attendees from throughout the state gathered to talk about how we deliver the recycling message to students from kindergarten through college. Buoyed by coffee and “tastries” compliments of Rehrig Pacific, the audience of educators, administrators, facilities managers and recycling coordinators joined Andrew Cassilly (Harford County Public Schools Teacher and Facilities Manager, MRN Board Member and Delegate to the Maryland General Assembly) in a conversation around three key questions:

MRN Composting Tour Recap

On Friday, November 18, 25 MRN members and guests took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Prince George’s County Organic Composting Facility.  A pleasant surprise for all, the food scraps pile smelled like a coffee shop thanks to coffee grounds from a local retailer that had recently been added to the mix. Even better, the composting facility as a whole is almost completely odor free.

MDE Recycling Sculpture Contest is a Winner!

On November 18, high school students from around Maryland converged at Maryland Department of the Environment in Baltimore to show off their innovation and artistry in the 2016 “Rethink Recycling” Sculpture Contest. The sculpture contest, begun in 2001, challenges students to create art pieces made entirely from recyclable and reusable materials, and in some case, just plain trash.

Three funding opportunities announced by EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced three funding opportunities including USDA Solid Waste Management Grants, AmeriCorps State and National Grants, and U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities Healthy Watersheds Consortium Grant. Please click on links below for more details and information on how to apply.

A Tour through JHU Homewood Campus Recycling …

On Wednesday, Oct 19, MRN member Leana Houser, recycling manager, JHU University Homewood Campus, ran us through the successes and challenges of operating a recycling program in a large institution with a diverse, transient and high density population.

Here are some key takeaways from the presentation …