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The Customer Service/Help Desk: Building the Right Systems to Help Our Citizens Do the Right Thing

You may have a great collection program along with a top-of-the-line transfer station and MRF waiting to process your waste and recycling stream, but you still rely on your citizens to know what goes where if you want to minimize the waste delivered to the landfill and maximize the quality of the recycled material.

The Changing Climate of Solid Waste & Recycling: What's Your Plan?

When Hurricane Irma struck Florida in the Fall of 2017 as a Category 4 hurricane – the first Cat 4 to strike the US in 15 years – it did more than $20 Billion in damage and left 67% of Floridians without power.

Join us on Tuesday, June 11 to learn how Waste Management’s pre-hurricane planning and post-storm execution were vital to getting their full operations up and running within 48 hours. Dawn McCormick, Director, Public Affairs, Waste Management will share WM's planning efforts, best practices and lessons learned.

Maryland Legislative Updates

As advocates for the Maryland recycling community, we strive to work closely with the Maryland Legislature to ensure our state's laws and regulations not only promote the sustainable reduction, reuse and recycling of materials otherwise destined for the landfill, but also make sense to those most affected by these laws and regulations. Videos Teach Residents How to Recycle Right

As part of its Know Before You Throw campaign, has produced a series of short (16 seconds each) YouTube videos to help HOCO residents recycle right. The videos Tanglers (below), Aerosol Cans, Styrofoam, and Glass Cups offer lessons on what can and can’t be put into the blue bins. 

Baltimore County PSA “Tangled Up!” Encourages Residents to Recycle Right

Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management employees created a fun and informative silent film on how items such as plastics bags, textiles, and electric cords become “tangled” in the equipment slowing production and increasing contamination in the collectable recyclables.