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Just because you can count it, does it count?

We’ve all probably heard the business maxim, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Well there’s a corollary to that idea – “You tend to manage what you measure” – but what if you’re measuring the wrong things? This year’s conference will take a look at what we’re measuring and ask panelists and the audience to weigh in on the validity of those metrics and their impact on our environmental mission.

Two sessions, MRA Today and Markets Madness (see below) will take a hard look at how much the things we’re counting still count. Be a part of these conversations and more at the MRN Annual Conference on Monday, June 12 at the Turf Valley Conference Center in Ellicott City.

Click here for all the program details and registration.

MRA Today

A brief overview of MRA metrics followed by a panel discussion around the typical and atypical steps taken to achieve compliance, the relevance of those metrics given the evolving waste stream and alternate metrics that might better address the waste management issues of the 21st century.

Moderator: Chaz Miller, Director of Policy/Advocacy, National Waste & Recycling Association


  • Andrew Cassilly, Resource Conservation Manager, Harford County Public Schools
  • Gemma Evans/Alan Wilcom, Recycling Coordinator/Recycling Program Manager, Howard County Department of Public Works
  • Kitty McIllroy, Project Manager, Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority
  • Susan Robinson, Federal Public Affairs Director, Waste Management
  • Marilyn Rybak, Section Manager, (or Bob Reading) Recycling Section, Prince Georges County

Note: The stage will be set for this conversation by a census of recycling programs in all counties and major municipalities to be completed by late May.

Markets Madness

A panel of coordinators and vendors will discuss the methods they use to predict, create and respond to evolving and elusive materials markets.

Moderator: Melissa Filiaggi, Recycling Program Coordinator, Maryland Environmental Service


  • Tanya Adams, Recycling Coordinator Cecil, County Government - Solid Waste Division
  • Jonathan Sloan, President, CANUSA Hershman Recycling Company
  • Rep TBD, Encore (Invited)
  • Rick Turnbell, Recycling Program Manager, Midshore Regional Recycling Program

Note: The stage will be set for this conversation by a compilation and summary of markets reports to be presented by Jerry Powell of Resource Recycling via webinar on June 1.