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Baltimore County PSA “Tangled Up!” Encourages Residents to Recycle Right

Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management employees created a fun and informative silent film on how items such as plastics bags, textiles, and electric cords become “tangled” in the equipment slowing production and increasing contamination in the collectable recyclables. “Tangle Up!” was created to increase awareness on how these “tanglers” halt operations at the County’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), wasting time and money as well as endangering the safety of MRF employees who have to untangle the materials. Click here to learn more about the PSA.


“Tangled Up!” can be viewed on the County’s television channel, BCTV (cable channel 25 on Verizon and Comcast), online at Facebook and YouTube, and the County’s website. The video also began a six-week run on December 21 at Cinemark Towson, AMC White Marsh and AMC Owings Mills.