The phrases “back to basics” and “recycle light” are popping up throughout the recycling industry due to the disruption of global end markets, even though this thinking may be at odds with community diversion goals and consumer research regarding recycling expectations. Is it really time to pull back on the reins of recycling progress when we have opportunity in the U.S. to keep moving forward?

In this free webinar brought to you by the Maryland Recycling Network, our presenter, Marty Seaman, Principal & Executive Vice President with Resource Recycling Systems, shares real-world situations where companies and organizations have partnered with municipalities to face the recycling resistance head on through outreach and education, in-kind support, testing, research, and grants.

Learn about efforts to build local circular economies through the development of domestic end markets. Arm yourself with the tools to take back your community’s recycling program and keep recycling alive.

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