Recycling Resources

Got a recycling question? Need an answer? Got a recycling problem? Need a solution? Then you came to the right place! Click on the links below for answers and solutions.

  • Special Projects  – Electronics and mercury recycling (including drop-off information), household hazardous waste, composting, green building, construction and demolition, buy recycled, telephone directory and newsprint recycling.
  • Scrap Tire  – Information on licenses, proper disposal, projects, playgrounds, recycled rubber product directory and more.
  • Recycling Market Directory – The Maryland Recycling Directory locates markets for batteries, motor oil, aluminum, wood, textiles, fluorescent lights and much more.
  • Responsible Appliance Disposal – RAD is a voluntary partnership program that works with utilities, retailers, manufacturers, state and local government agencies, affiliates, and others to dispose of old refrigerated appliances using the best environmental practices available—going beyond federal requirements to protect Earth’s climate and ozone layer.
  • Recycling at Work and School – How to start a recycling program, locate contractors and find markets for your recyclable materials.
  • Education and Outreach  – Classroom presentations, America Recycles Day, “Rethink Recycling” Sculpture Contest, fact sheets, fun facts, activities and web sites for educators and kids.

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