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“From Birth to Rebirth: Will Product Stewardship Save Resources?”

MRN Past President, Chaz Miller, participated in a panel on product stewardship at the American Bar Association Environment, Energy and Resources Workshop in September. Below is an abstract of the paper he prepared for the panel.  Click here to view the full document.

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Degradable Additives – What Do You Think?

Below is
a policy position statement against the use of degradable
additives. Please let us know what you think? Agree, disagree, not sure...?



There are two categories of materials generally comprised under the
broader term "degradable plastics." The first category includes
bio-based resins, those derived from plant materials such as corn, e.g.,
polylactic acid (PLA) containers. The second includes fossil fuel-based

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Whose Math is the True Math?

According to a recent article in Resource Recycling, Wisconsin's Gov. Walker is looking to end the state-mandated recycling programs that
have been in place since 1995 by cutting approximately $32 million used
to fund recycling programs in over 1,000 municipalities across
America's Dairyland.

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