Every year, in conjunction with America Recycles Day, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) hosts a sculpture contest for high school students challenging them to create works of art using recycled and reusable materials as a solution to waste reduction. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s in-person competition was replaced with a Virtual Sculpture Gallery where students uploaded photos of their creations along with descriptions and the inspiration behind them.

The gallery opened on Friday, November 13 and while there will be no official judging, viewers are welcome to pick their favorites. We hope you’ll spend some time this holiday weekend and check out these talented students’ creations. Don’t forget to pick your favorite one!

About the contest: In celebration of America Recycles Day, MDE has hosted the contest “Rethink Recycling” sculpture contest since 2001 bringing students together from throughout the state. In 2019, 66 entries from 20 high schools were submitted. MRN has been a proud long-term sponsor of the event and we look forward to returning to in-person in 2021.

Pictured: award winners from 2019 contest