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Westlake High School in Waldorf Crowned 2017 Maryland State Recycle-Bowl Champion

Keep America Beautiful announced the Recycle-Bowl winners for 2016 annual competition and the top prize goes to Bon Air Elementary School (Kokomo, IN). This year’s competition included 1,291 schools in 47 states and the District of Columbia with 2.2 million pounds of recycling collected.

Six Maryland schools participated in the annual competition and for the sixth consecutive year, Westlake High School (read press release here) in Waldorf was crowned Maryland State Recycle-Bowl Champion. The school collected 28,860 pounds of single stream/mixed recycling (bottles, cans, cartons, paper, cardboard), preventing the release of 72,150.00 lbs. of CO into the atmosphere. 

"Participation in the Recycle-Bowl has helped to increase awareness for recycling within the school and our community,” said Charles Newcomb, Westlake High School science teacher. “Our students have ownership of the program and continue to influence others to recycle materials properly.  Students testify on how they have motivated their parents to change behaviors at home and talk to their friends about their practices.”

Recycling team president and high school senior Jade Madison agreed: "Westlake recycling is a powerful team and we put the environment first. Every paper, piece of cardboard, or other recycling material matters. Recycling should be a part of your everyday routine. The Westlake recycling team encourages students and staff to stay green and stay clean.”

Another great takeaway from the competition, Newcomb said, is that students see firsthand how their efforts in their community has an impact beyond the local level. “They realize that they are working with students around the country to reduce waste and help provide a more sustainable future."

 Westlake celebrated its victory on Friday, April 7

Other participating Maryland schools included William B. Wade Elementary in Waldorf, Bel Air High School in Bel Air, Laurel Elementary in Laurel, Heather Hills Elementary School in Bowie and Laurel High in Laurel.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! To view all winners and rankings, click here.

Recycle-Bowl is a friendly national wide competition open to K-12 schools created to promote recycling and waste reduction activities. The competition is held each fall to coincide with National Recycling Day (November 15). According to Keep America Beautiful, the 2016 competition included more than 700,000 students and teachers collecting 2.2 million pounds, preventing the release of 3,150 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E). This reduction in greenhouse gases is equivalent to the annual emissions from 655 passenger cars.