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Tools & Tips from EPA

US EPA shared some important tools and tips for businesses and organizations in the areas of contracting services and demolition/deconstruction projects. Included is a tip sheet created by RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts on best management practices for businesses seeking to contract trash, recycling and food waste services. US EPA Region 5 also shared several tools for demolition and deconstruction projects.

Guidance for Businesses Contracting for Trash, Recycling, and Food Waste Services - In 2016, RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts conducted interviews and held stakeholder discussions across the state. Four topic areas emerged through the stakeholder process: know your waste, create and adjust contracts, comply with waste disposal bans and other regulations, and communicate effectively.  The goal of this tip sheet is to provide guidance for businesses and institutions to help set up contracts for hauling trash, recyclables, and/or organics, effectively manage these services, and adjust contracts.

Demolition and deconstruction projects (from US EPA Region 5): 

Large Scale Residential Demolition Website – Provides local governments with an overview of environmental regulations when planning to renovate or demolish residential buildings.

Residential Demolition Bid Specification Tool – EPA Region 5 report and bid specification development tools for use by cities, counties or land banks undertaking large-scale residential demolitions.

Deconstruction Rapid Assessment Tool – Helps to identify residential building candidates for deconstruction by examining information on the building’s condition and salvageable material inventory. 

Disaster Debris Database – Database of 12 types of recyclers and landfills that manage disaster debris. This interactive map provides information and locations of over 6,000 facilities throughout Region 5 and surrounding states capable of managing different materials which may be found in disaster debris.

BMRA's Reuse Wood website – Database of facilities that accept construction and demolition materials.

And finally, Q&A on sales of lead-based paint items in reuse stores is still available online (p4, question (23003-32411)).


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