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Plastic Bags Find a Home … In Your Deck!

Trex TourMaryland Recycling Network and Virginia Recycling Association members convened in Winchester, VA for a tour of the Trex manufacturing facility in Winchester, VA. Trex Company, Inc. known to global consumers and others simply as Trex or Trex Decking, is the leading recycled materials manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railings and other outdoor items. Trex employs a process that combines different materials, mostly wood and plastic, that are formed to create a product that has the appearance of wood. The wood content in Trex products is largely wood byproducts like sawdust, wood pallets, wood chips and wood fiber. The polyethylene plastic continues to be mostly recycled materials from commonly Tresdiscarded items like stretch wrap, packaging films, grocery and retail bags and case/carton/product overwraps. Trex uses about 100,000 tons of waste polyethylene film each year and claims to keep 200,000 tons of plastic and hardwood scraps out of American landfills each year. Over 120,000 pieces of post consumer film (packaging, bags, overwraps, etc.) can be used to create a 500-square-foot Trex deck.