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Executive Order re Recycling Metrics: Recommendations from MDE

At the request of MD Governor Larry Hogan, the Maryland Department of the Environment has produced a preliminary set of recommendations in response to the Governor's Executive Order EO 01.01.2017.13. This order called for a broad re-assessment of the overall goals, metrics and actions required to minimize waste and maximize resource recovery in the state along with a greater emphasis on partnerships and voluntary standards. The order required the establishment of a work group which started its work by studying the current Maryland Recycling Act requirements and the extent to which those requirements produce a meaningful environmental impact at an economically feasible cost. Issues discussed at the work group's inaugural meeting included the difficulty tracking materials through the waste stream, the relative value of recycled materials, the complexity and cost of measurement (both in dollars and efficiency) and the impact of measurement on behavior.

A preliminary set of recommendations has been published and comments have been solicited from the recycling community. MRN has been participating in the workgroup meetings and will be submitting additional comments following the final work group meeting to be held on Monday, October 22. The preliminary recommendations can be viewed here:

Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery Plan Goals and Metrics Recommendations - September 2018 Draft

Please be sure to send your comments to MDE by Friday, October 26.