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Contamination and the Markets - Your Thoughts?

Just curious about members' thoughts around the extent to which politics (i.e. tariff retaliation) will supersede contamination as the critical driver in China’s National Sword. Chaz Miller, Former Director Policy/Advocacy at National Waste & Recycling Association, briefly discussed this topic on a webinar for the Maryland Recycling Network earlier this year (see below) and Mark Reiter, VP of Government Relations, ‎Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries will tackle the topic at the Maryland Recycling Network/SWANA Mid-Atlantic Annual Conference on June 19-20 this year, but we’re always looking for alternate perspectives to share with the Maryland recycling community.

Please let us know any and all ideas you feel we should consider. info [at] marylandrecyclingnetwork [dot] org (Click here to respond.) Thanks.

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P.S. And perhaps taking a page from foreign auto manufacturers, looks like some foreign recyclers are looking to process materials here to ensure the product meets import standards before it’s loaded on a ship. See Details on upcoming U.S. recycling projects from Chinese firms.